Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

By aligning our strategic goals and objectives with Oman Vision 2040, we are moving with confidence towards achieving our Research and Innovation strategic plan. We are committed to developing research capacity in order to set the foundations for the promotion of enterprise and knowledge transfer in support of social and economic impact within the Sultanate.

We are currently orienting our current and new research capacity during the coming five years towards innovation and knowledge transfer to meets international standards. We believe that, in an environment where academic staff are engaged with research, innovation, and knowledge transfer, higher education and the student experience are enhanced by delivery. The creation of new knowledge enables us to shape our future and provide opportunities to generate wealth and enhance the quality of life.

As the Research and Innovation Team, we are working in close collaboration with many entities, both at the national and international levels to increase the volume and quality of research, innovation, and knowledge transfer. We are also working to promote staff-student engagement in research projects spanning multi-disciplinary fields to diversify of knowledge and income. This will help build our research capacities and infrastructure, support our growth, and attract academics who will further enhance research and innovative experiences.

Research Themes

National Priorities 2040

Research at Sohar University is focused around four Research Themes. These Research Themes coordinate research activity and encourage collaboration within and beyond the University. Each Research Theme is led by a theme leader who is a member of the university research committee and who, through his/her leadership, fosters collaboration across researchers and promotes increased levels of research activity within the University. Sohar University Research Themes Aligned with the National Priorities of Oman Vision 2040

Emerging and Advanced Technology

A multidisciplinary research effort into the theory and practice of engineering, computer science and applied sciences.

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Research in environmental engineering, mathematical modelling, and sustainable environmental management principles to solve key environmental issues.

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Enterprise and Industry

Aims to foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research within the areas of enterprise, industry, and management sciences.

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Connecting Communities

Research on community development, community exchange, intercultural communication, and community engagement and exclusion.

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