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Model transformations carried by the traceability framework for enterprises in software industry

Mathematical and neural network modeling for predicting and analyzing of nanofluid-nano PCM photovoltaic thermal systems performance

Smart City and Challenges

Potentiating the anti-cancer profile of tamoxifen-loaded graphene using deep eutectic solvents as functionalizing agents

New empirical methods for predicting flexural capacity and stiffness of CFST beam

Assessing sustainability of suppliers: A novel stochastic-fuzzy DEA model

Impact of dust ingredient on photovoltaic performance: An experimental study

Review on IoT in enhancing efficiency among higher education institutions

New data envelopment analysis models for assessing sustainability

Experimental evaluation of dust composition impact on photovoltaic performance in Iraq

A Survey of Voice Pathology Surveillance Systems Based on Internet of Things and Machine Learning Algorithms

Effect of monetary policy on bank risk: does market structure matter?

How to measure bullwhip effect by network data envelopment analysis?

Real-Time Fuel Truck Detection Algorithm Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Effect of operating parameters on dye wastewater treatment using prosopis cineraria and kinetic modeling

Knowledge management capability, environmental dynamism and innovation strategy in Malaysian firms

Taking charge through shared leadership: A case of higher educational institutions

Phenomenology of retaliating to workplace ostracism in academia

A model of duopolistic patent contest with private provisions of industry collective goods

The 'halwawification' of english in Jokha al Harthi's celestialbodies: A stylistic analysis

Experimental Results on Customer Reviews Using Lexicon-Based Word Polarity Identification Method

Big data and innovation; a case study on firm level innovation in manufacturing

Firm-level innovation: A conceptual model to firm level innovation

The correlates of firm-level innovation

Machine learning approach to identify predictors in an econometric model of innovation

An introduction on models of innovation and analytical frame work

Technological capabilities, open innovation and perceived operational performance in SMEs: the moderating role of environmental dynamism

Feasibility of naphthol green-b dye adsorption using microalgae: Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis


The impact of the microcredit interest rate on capital creation in Bangladesh

Exploitation of Data Mining to Analyse Realistic Facts from Road Traffic Accident Data

Interwoven: Identity and Dress amongst Sedentary and Nomadic Peoples of the Arabian Peninsula

Muslims’ willingness to pay for certified halal food: an extension of the theory of planned behaviour

An energy, performance efficient resource consolidation scheme for heterogeneous cloud datacenters

Family friendly policies and the Omani Labour Law: What it entails for women employees in Oman

Linking the present and past in virtual worlds: A case study of development and navigation

Investigation of the thermal performance of coconut fibre composite with aluminium reflector cooling roofs

Improving parent teacher meeting process through business process management life-cycle approach

Prediction of diabetes distress among adults with type 2 diabetes

Evaluating after-sales service units by developing inverse network data envelopment analysis model

Investigation of the effect of different materials on convective heat transfer

Project-based learning (PBL): outcomes of students’ engagement in an external consultancy project in Oman

An Agent-Based Model of Crowd Evacuation: Combining Individual, Social and Technological Aspects

Web-based architecture for automating quantity surveying construction cost calculation

Developing Double Frontier Version of Dynamic Network DEA Model: Assessing Sustainability of Supply Chains

Data streams scheduling approach for wimax networks

Shutting Eyes to Merit! The Curse of Cronyism in Pakistani Small and Medium Scale Business

Performance Evaluation of Biodegradation of Isoprene-Acetone Mixture in Integrated Biofilter

New data envelopment analysis models for assessing sustainability Part 1: A dynamic data envelopment analysis approach

Energy, exergy and efficiency of four photovoltaic thermal collectors with different energy storage material

Achieving SME performance through individual entrepreneurial orientation: An active social networking perspective

Double pass remotely pumped L-band EDFA with the integration of Raman amplification using multiwavelength dispersion compensator

Sustainable production of light olefins from greenhouse gas CO2 over SAPO-34 supported modified cerium oxide

Associations Between Social Capital and Depressive Symptoms Among College Students in 12 Countries: Results of a Cross-National Study

Research perspectives and state-of-the-art methods in photovoltaic microgrids

Characteristics of organizational culture in stimulating service innovation and performance

Do mobile financial services ensure the subjective well-being of micro-entrepreneurs? An investigation applying UTAUT2 model

Improving recommendation accuracy using social network of owners in social internet of vehicles

Advanced photovoltaic thermal collectors

Big Data Processing using Internet of Software Defined Things in Smart Cities

How to use fuzzy screening system and data envelopment analysis for clustering sustainable suppliers? A case study in Iran

Design and testing of stainless steel columns filled with steel-fibre-reinforced concrete

Improving Semantic Graph Connectivity for Word Sense Identification

TEAGS: time-aware text embedding approach to generate subgraphs

Government Information and Service Delivery through Union Digital Centers in Bangladesh: Users’ Perceptions on Good Governance

New data envelopment analysis models for assessing sustainability Part 2: A static data envelopment analysis approach

Data envelopment analysis and robust optimization: A review

A novel model and experimental validation of dust impact on grid-connected photovoltaic system performance in Northern Oman

Developing a general extended UTAUT model for M-payment adoption

Entropy generation in hydromagnetic nanofluids flow inside a tilted square enclosure under local thermal nonequilibrium condition

Propose model for consumers' perceptions and acceptance of e-health systems and services in Jordan

Large-scale data streaming, processing, and blockchain security

Understanding blockchain: Case studies in different domains

Who will land and stay? Page-specific antecedents of news engagement on social media

COVID-19 created chaos across the globe: Three novel quarantine epidemic models

Evaluation of aging and performance of grid-connected photovoltaic system northern Oman: Seven years’ experimental study

Kinetic studies on the removal of cadmium using Acacia tortilis

Evaluation of the 9th grade life skills' curriculum in Sultanate of Oman according to entrepreneurship competencies

Evaluation and comparison of different flow configurations PVT systems in Oman: A numerical and experimental investigation

Developing a novel inverse data envelopment analysis (DEA) model for evaluating after-sales units

Photovoltaic panel type influence on the performance degradation due dust accumulation

Determinants of Muslims’ willingness to pay for halal certified food: Does religious commitment act as a moderator in the relationships?

Analyzing the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the financial performance of Chinese listed companies

State of the art of techno-economics of nanofluid-laden flat-plate solar collectors for sustainable accomplishment

A Smart System Based on Digital Object Architecture to Verify the Diploma Certificates

Voice Pathology Detection Using Machine Learning Technique

Role of engineering major in entrepreneurial intentions of engineering students: a case of Pakistan

Why ostracized full-time faculty should not be labeled as “low performer”? A qualitative insight from higher education in Pakistan

The influence of dust physical specifications photovoltaic modules performance

Dynamic flow classification model for resource distribution in SDN networks

Higher education in the Arab World: Governance and management from the perspective of Oman and Sohar University

Do LGBT Workplace Diversity Policies Create Value for Firms?

Measuring congestion by anchor points in DEA

Shoreline Erosion Assessment Modelling for Sohar Region: Measurements, Analysis, and Scenario

A Wide Flat Triple Brillouin Frequency Spacing Multiwavelength Fiber Laser Assisted by Four Wave Mixing

Components of airport experience and their roles in eliciting passengers' satisfaction and behavioural intentions

Making Meaning through Prepositions: A Model for Teacher Trainees

Echoing-contrast combination in non-ironic constructions

A review of dust accumulation and cleaning methods for solar photovoltaic systems

Evaluation of the electrical performance of a photovoltaic thermal system using nano-enhanced paraffin and nanofluids

Performance improvement of microbial fuel cell through artificial intelligence

Personality traits, psychological well-being, Facebook addiction, health and performance: testing their relationships

Is Awareness That Powerful? Women’s Financial Literacy Support to Prospects Behaviour in Prudent Decision-making

Investigation for Finance–Growth Nexus: A Dynamic Common Correlated Estimator Approach

Detecting congestion in dea by solving one model

On the effectiveness of multi-feature evacuation systems: an agent-based exploratory simulation study

A computational study of suppression of sharp wave ripple complexes by controlling calcium and gap junctions in pyramidal cells

Assessing the sustainable supply chains of tomato paste by fuzzy double frontier network DEA model

Beyond diversity: Why the inclusion is imperative for boards to promote sustainability among agile non-profit organisations?

Financing manufacturers for investing in Industry 4.0 technologies: internal financing vs. External financing

Religious translation between arabic and english, with reference to quranic rhetorical questions

Oil price fluctuation and firm performance in developing economy: Evidence from oman

Recommending investment opportunities given congestion by adaptive network data envelopment analysis model: Assessing sustainability of supply chains

Structural challenges in english>Arabic simultaneous interpreting

A systematic review of mobile payment studies from the lens of the utaut model

Sustainable clustering of customers using capacitive artificial neural networks: A case study in Pegah Distribution Company

Corporate board for innovative managerial control: implications of corporate governance deviance perspective

Microbial fuel cell for oilfield produced water treatment and reuse: Modelling and process optimization

An integrated data envelopment analysis and life cycle assessment method for performance measurement in green construction management

DGRU based human activity recognition using channel state information

Information Communication Technology Infrastructure in Sudanese Governmental Universities

An 11-country analysis of newspaper coverage of the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games

An experimental investigation on passive and hybrid roof cooling systems with a double skin envelope


Experimental study to investigate dune sand improvement by adding fine waste materials

A Comparative Performance Analysis of Sustainability Themed Indices in India: Markov Regime Switching Approach

Investigation of mechanical properties of silk and epoxy composite materials

An Improved Framework for Content- And Link-Based Web-Spam Detection: A Combined Approach

Scaling knowledge based virtual worlds: An efficiency gain through multicore architectures

Do environmental investments for production pay off? A study in Vietnam’s small and medium-sized enterprises

Stance-taking across monologic and dialogic modes of academic speech

Why honor culture? Lessons learned from an agent-based simulation model

Role of social media technologies and customer relationship management capabilities 2.0 in creating customer loyalty and university reputation

Does foreign institutional ownership mediate the nexus between board diversity and the risk of financial distress? A case of an emerging economy of China

Exploring Omani EFL students’ written linguistic accuracy development in disciplinary contexts

Investment Performance: Emotional Beasts are Dragging into the Darkness of the Castle

Voice Pathology Detection and Classification by Adopting Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine

A Hybrid Simulation Model for an Efficient and Flexible Shop Floor System

Emerging Technologies for Pandemic and Its Impact

Metadiscourse variations in the generic structure of disciplinary research articles

Co-evolution of Knowledge Diffusion and Absorption: A Simulation-Based Analysis

The Translator’s Agency and the Text Superstructure in the English-Arabic News Translation

It is time to control the worst: testing COVID-19 outbreak, energy consumption and CO2 emission

A data envelopment analysis approach by partial impacts between inputs and desirable-undesirable outputs for sustainable supplier selection problem

Treatment of methanol industry effluent using algal biomass,Gelidium omanense- kinetic modeling

Assessment for student success: Delivering high-quality modules and improving educational methods in civil engineering program

Consumer protection and electronic commerce in the Sultanate of Oman

An Agent-Based Model of Task-Allocation and Resource-Sharing for Social Internet of Things

Flexural performance of reinforced concrete beams made by using recycled block aggregates and fibers

GS4: Graph stream summarization based on both the structure and semantics

Is it my fault and how will I react? A phenomenology of perceived causes and consequences of workplace ostracism

State and self-regulation for better governance: an implication of collibration

Use of reservoir sediments to improve engineering properties of dune sand in oman

A Comparative Study on the Calculation of Wind Load and Analysis of Communication Tower as per TIA-222-G and TIA-222-H Standards

A novel population-based local search for nurse rostering problem

A review of photovoltaic thermal systems: Achievements and applications

Do banking system transparency and market structure affect financial stability of Chinese banks?

Developing a new super-efficiency DEA model in the presence of both zero data and stochastic data: a case study in the Iranian airline industry

I am engaged, therefore my students are satisfied! Unleashing the role of teachers' interaction and sensitivity based on self-determination perspective

Evaluation of PV output in terms of environmental impact based on mathematical and artificial neural network models

From the Ottoman Legacy to Modern Public Management Systems: Evidence from Turkey, Kosova, and Kazakhstan

Estimating role of green financing on energy security, economic and environmental integration of bri member countries

Carbon nanotube/pt cathode nanocomposite electrode in microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment and bioenergy production

Tunable C + L bands triple frequency spacing multi-wavelength Brillouin-erbium fiber laser

Nano enhanced fluids and latent heat storage material for photovoltaic modules: A case study and parametric analysis

Gulf business environment for the Arabic family firms: Evidence from Oman during the COVID-19 pandemic

Investigation of a nanofluid-based photovoltaic thermal system using single-wall carbon nanotubes: An experimental study

University social responsibility during the covid-19 pandemic: Universities’ case in the brics countries

Exploring the influence of social media usage for academic purposes using a partial least squares approach

Green synthesis of bio-functionalized nano-particles for the application of copper removal – characterization and modeling studies

English writing pedagogy at the crossroads: The case of Oman

When the Wisdom of Crowd is Able to Overturn an Unpopular Norm? Lessons Learned from an Agent-Based Simulation

The role of emotional intelligence as a mediating variable in predicting intrinsic motivation in solving mathematical problems among fourth-grade students in the sultanate of oman

Characterization of mechanical properties of kenaf fibre reinforced polymer composite using orientation with angle variation

Characterization of mechanical properties of natural fibre reinforced polymer composite using horizontal and vertical kenaf fibre orientation

A simulation study of thermal and mechanical properties of brake pads using different type of materials

Analytical data review to determine the factors impacting risk of diabetes in north al-batinah region, oman

An efficient secure image encryption algorithm based on total shuffling, integer chaotic maps and median filter

Serious games to improve social and emotional intelligence in children with autism

Comparison and evaluation of solar photovoltaic thermal system with hybrid collector: An experimental study

Context expansion approach for graph-based word sense disambiguation

Systematic investigation of simultaneous removal of phosphate/nitrate from water using Ag/rGO nanocomposite: Development, characterization, performance and mechanism

Surface modified polymer-magnetic-algae nanocomposite for the removal of chromium- equilibrium and mechanism studies

Measuring congestion in sustainable supply chain based on data envelopment analysis

Vertical financial disparity, energy prices and emission reduction: Empirical insights from Pakistan

Petroleum refinery wastewater treatment using rgo-biochar composite parametric studies and neural network modeling

Relevance of financial service advertisements in investment decisions and purchase of financial products: Evidence from the Indian insurance sector

Corrosion inhibition of aluminum under basic conditions using Medicago sativa L. extract — thermodynamic studies

When do family brand personalities lead to brand loyalty? A study of family-owned fashion retailers in Pakistan

Experimental Study on Endurance Performance of Lime and Cement-Treated Cohesive Soil

The possibilities of using nano-CuO as coolants for PVT system: An experimental study

Anaerobic mixed consortium (AMC) mediated enhanced biosynthesis of silver nano particles (AgNPs) and its application for the removal of phenol

Recovery of zinc from electroplating wastewater using green emulsion liquid membrane

Covidian education: An enquiry into Arab culture

Controlling the melting and solidification points temperature of PCMs on the performance and economic return of the water-cooled photovoltaic thermal system

Sustainable removal of cadmium from contaminated water using green alga – Optimization, characterization and modeling studies

Extraction of nickel using a green emulsion liquid membrane – Process intensification, parameter optimization and artificial neural network modeling

Numerical and experimental evaluation of nanofluids based photovoltaic/thermal systems in Oman: Using silicone-carbide nanoparticles with water-ethylene glycol mixture

Microbial degradation of recalcitrant pesticides: a review

Characterization of mechanical properties of hybrid natural fibre reinforced polymer composite

A simulation study on the mechanical performance of natural fibre reinforced polymer composite material

Why Honor Culture? Lessons Learned from an Agent-Based Simulation Model

Morphological shift of hyperbolic patterns in the Quran, with reference to English translation

Understanding the Performance of Construction Business: A Simulation-Based Experimental Study

Double skin polystyrene- aluminium radiation reflector roofs in arid environments for passive cooling - A case study in Sohar, Sultanate of Oman

A novel state space reduction algorithm for team formation in social networks

Synthesis of biomass derived product from Ziziphus spina-christi and application for surface protection of metal under acidic environment- Performance evaluation and thermodynamic studies

Conversion of waste cooking oil into value-added emulsion liquid membrane for enhanced extraction of lead: Performance evaluation and optimization

Experimental response of cold-formed steel stud shear wall with hardboard sheathing under seismic loading

Assessing the sustainability of supply chains by dynamic network data envelopment analysis: a SCOR-based framework

Does Board Diversity Attract Foreign Institutional Ownership? Insights from the Chinese Equity Market

Flexural strength of internally stiffened tubular steel beam filled with recycled concrete materials

Co-seismic stress changes and triggering mechanism of earthquake-induced landslides: a case of 2005 Kashmir earthquake

Examining the effects of news and media sentiments on volatility and correlation: Evidence from the UK

Window data envelopment analysis approach: A review and bibliometric analysis

Shyness, self-esteem, and loneliness as causes of FA: The moderating effect of low self-control

Does organizational cronyism undermine social capital? Testing the mediating role of workplace ostracism and the moderating role of workplace incivility

Recognition of cursive pashto optical digits and characters with trio deep learning neural network models

Production of Hydrogen via Renewable Energy and Investigation of Water Molecular Changes During Electrolysis Process


Combination of discovery learning and Metacognitive knowledge strategy to enhance students' critical thinking skills

Prediction and evaluation of photovoltaic-thermal energy systems production using artificial neural network and experimental dataset

Prognostic of diesel engine emissions and performance based on an intelligent technique for nanoparticle additives

Bibliometric analysis and recent trends on MXene research – A comprehensive review

Environmentally benign Prosopis juliflora extract for corrosion protection by sorption - Gravimetric, mechanistic and thermodynamic studies

Methods of synthesis, characteristics, and environmental applications of MXene: A comprehensive review

Factors influencing students’ continuance usage intention with online learning during the pandemic: a cross-country analysis

An Asymmetric Alignment Algorithm for Estimating Ancestor-Descendant Edit Distance for Tandem Repeats

SoulMate: Short-Text Author Linking through Multi-Aspect Temporal-Textual Embedding

Separation of manganese from water using hybrid nanocomposite to control water pollution: kinetic and equilibrium modelling

Mathematical Modeling of Waste Engine Oil Gasification for Synthesis Gas Production; Operating Parameters and Simulation

Enhanced Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic Approach for Optimizing Driver Drowsiness Detection

This study aims to … Connecting metadiscoursal features and rhetorical moves in research article introductions across two disciplines

Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Green Behavior Strategies

Interrelationship Among Variables Affecting Omani Students' Willingness to Communicate in English

Structural Performance of Reinforced Cement Concrete Beam with Sawdust

Utilization of Fine Soil as Potential Source for Core of Rock-Fill Dam

Comparison between Sediment Material and Natural Subgrade Material for Road Construction

Correlation between CBR Values and Index Properties of Soils: A Case Study of Oman

Sustainability of Heavily Loaded Raft Foundations on Granular Soils of Arabian Peninsula with Soft Clay Layer

Development of Optimal Strategy for Controlling Transmission Dynamics of HBV Epidemic Model

Some Fixed Point Results and Their Applications on Integral Type Contractive Condition in Fuzzy Metric Spaces

Effect of fiber stacking sequence and orientation on quasi- static indentation properties of sustainable hybrid carbon/ramie fiber epoxy composites

Long-term power forecasting using FRNN and PCA models for calculating output parameters in solar photovoltaic generation

Impact of Transformative Leadership Practices of Educational Supervisors on the Sustainable Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers

Modeling and experimental validation of dust impact on solar cell performance

Experimental and Mathematical Models for Real-Time Monitoring and Auto Watering Using IoT Architecture

Stability and thermal conductivity of different nano-composite material prepared for thermal energy storage applications

Deliberate practice and individual entrepreneurial orientation training retention: a multi-wave field experiment

Application of a polymer-magnetic-algae based nano-composite for the removal of methylene blue – Characterization, parametric and kinetic studies

Heat Transfer Enhancement in Pipe Using Al2 O3 /Water Nanofluid

Sustainable Development Goals and Ageing: Status, Challenges, and Strategies for Policy Implications for India

Rhetorical structure and persuasive features of advertising: An intercultural analysis of English and Arabic online advertisements

Building marketing intelligence capability with the internet of things for competitiveness: empirical evidence of selected retail companies in Oman

Design Smart Curtain Using Light-Dependent Resistor

NMT verb rendering: A cognitive approach to informing Arabic-into-English post-editing

A systematic review of solar photovoltaic energy systems design modelling, algorithms, and software

A Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for the Population-Based Transportation Network Planning

A Unified Mechanism for Cloud Scheduling of Scientific Workflows

Teaching presence in students’ WhatsApp groups: Affordances for language learning


An Urdu speech corpus for emotion recognition

Secure Model for IoT Healthcare System under Encrypted Blockchain Framework

An Optimized Neural Network with Bat Algorithm for DNA Sequence Classification

Application of Novel Natural Biomass as Plant Growth Media in Renewable Energy Based Controlled Environment Growing System

Enzyme Induced Calcite Precipitation (EICP) by Using Plant-Based Biomaterials

Green Technology for Synthesis of Biomass Using Phoenix dactylifera for Protection of Aluminum-Mechanistic and Thermodynamic Studies

Reducing barriers to female entrepreneurship in Oman: does family matter?

Effect of CuO-water-ethylene glycol nanofluids on the performance of photovoltaic/thermal energy system: an experimental study

A novel intelligent transport system charging scheduling for electric vehicles using Grey Wolf Optimizer and Sail Fish Optimization algorithms


An Intellectual Foundation for the Grammatical Sentence in Arabic

Factors Affecting Container Shipping Through Inland Waterways


Financial Technology Adoption — A Case of Indian MSMEs

long-term general inDex PreDiction BaseD on Feature selection anD search methoDs: amman stock exchange market


Dysphonia Detection Based on Voice Signals Using Naive Bayes Classifier

An Integration of New Digital Image Scrambling Technique on PCA-Based Face Recognition System

Additive Manufacturing of Custom Orthopedic Implants: A Review

Silent Speech Interface using Continuous-Wave Radar and Optimized AlexNet

CW Radar Based Silent Speech Interface Using CNN

Novel spiking neural network model for gear fault diagnosis

The effect of a training program based on TIMSS to developing the levels of habits of mind and mathematical reasoning skills among pre-service mathematics teachers

University Social Responsibility and performance: the role of service quality, reputation, student satisfaction and trust.

New Series Approach Implementation for Solving Fuzzy Fractional Two-Point Boundary Value Problems Applications

Understanding socially responsible investing - a scientific mapping and bibliometric analysis

Energy Conservation of Residential Buildings in Extreme Climates with Phase Change Material-Aluminum Radiation Reflector Cool Roof

Developing Machine Learning Techniques to Investigate the Impact of Air Quality Indices on Tadawul Exchange Index

The Development of a Remote Restart Services System in Production Line Using PowerShell Script

Performance evaluation of polymer-marine biomass based bionanocomposite for the adsorptive removal of malachite green from synthetic wastewater

Statistical modeling and optimization of tannery wastewater treatment in a fluidized bed bioreactor with low density biomass support

A lightweight and compromise-resilient authentication scheme for IoTs

DeepResGRU: Residual gated recurrent neural network-augmented Kalman filtering for speech enhancement and recognition

Self-employment and economic growth in developing countries: is more self-employment better?


A Machine Learning Model for the Prediction of Concrete Penetration by the Ogive Nose Rigid Projectile

Linking Dark Triad traits to Instagram addiction: The mediating role of motives

Parameter screening, optimization and artificial neural network modeling of cadmium extraction from aqueous solution using green emulsion liquid membrane

A review on biochar production from different biomass wastes by recent carbonization technologies and its sustainable applications

Green technology for sustainable surface protection of steel from corrosion: a review

Green remediation of pharmaceutical wastes using biochar: a review

Switchable single-double frequency multi-wavelength Brillouin Raman fiber laser based on micro-air cavity misalignment

Respect: give it to get it! Does leadership complimented with respect can foster creativity?

Perceptions of Indian managers on the impact of convergent technologies on work and resultant organisational performance in service industry

Photovoltaic Module Electrical Efficiency Enhancement Using Nano Fluids and Nano-Paraffin

The nexus between environmental performance and economic growth: New evidence from the Middle East and North Africa region

Effective Partnerships with Multinational Organizations—A Case Study from Sohar University

Higher Education in the Arab World: Research and Development from the Perspective of Oman and Sohar University

A corpus-based investigation of VSO-SVO usage in simultaneous interpreting

The impact of design on improved learning in virtual worlds: an experimental study

Determinants of switching intention from web-based stores to retail apps: Habit as a moderator

Impact of brands' Facebook page characteristics and followers' comments on trust building and purchase intention: Alternative attractiveness as moderator

Financial stability role on climate risks, and climate change mitigation: Implications for green economic recovery

Transportation fuel subsidies and CO2 emissions: The roles of economic complexity and uncertainty

Assessing sustainability of Islamic countries via data envelopment analysis (DEA)

Evaluation of Near-Real-Time GSMaP precipitation estimate over Yankul region, Sultanate of Oman

QGIS-enabled culvert locations: A case study in Wadi Ahin, Oman

Energy financing in COVID-19: how public supports can benefit?

Stepwise pricing in evaluating revenue efficiency in data envelopment analysis: A case study of power plants

Effect of dust and cleaning methods on mono and polycrystalline solar photovoltaic performance: An indoor experimental study

Synthesis and application of carbon substrate nano material from biomass for surface protection – Effect of variables, electrochemical and isotherm studies

Engineering characteristics of dune sand-fine marble waste mixtures

Corporate Governance and Capital Structure: Moderating Effect of Gender Diversity

Finite element simulation on the convective double diffusive water-based copper oxide nanofluid flow in a square cavity having vertical wavy surfaces in presence of hydro-magnetic field

Academic lectures versus political speeches: Metadiscourse functions affected by the role of the audience

Remediation of emerging metal pollutants using environment friendly biochar- Review on applications and mechanism

Utilization of biodiesel blended fuel in a diesel engine – Combustion engine performance and emission characteristics study

Eco-friendly biomass from Ziziphus spina-christi for protection of carbon steel in acidic conditions – Parameter effects and corrosion mechanism studies

Bear in mind that: Enhancing lecture comprehension through signaling importance markers

Mitigation plan for the post-pandemic on supply chain disruptions among buyers and distributors

Performance Comparison of the Optimized Ensemble Model with Existing Classifier Models

Artificial Neural Network Modelling and Experimental Evaluation of Dust and Thermal Energy Impact on Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Modules

Nano-Iron Oxide-Ethylene Glycol-Water Nanofluid Based Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) System with Spiral Flow Absorber: An Energy and Exergy Analysis

ICT-enabled informal learning in EFL writing

I can see the opportunity that you cannot! A nexus between individual entrepreneurial orientation, alertness, and access to finance

A mixed agro-waste based biofilter for the removal of methyl ethyl ketone: Kinetics and modeling

Thermochemical conversion of municipal solid waste into energy and hydrogen: a review

Remediation techniques for uranium removal from polluted environment – Review on methods, mechanism and toxicology

Artificial neural network and statistical modelling of biosorptive removal of hexavalent chromium using macroalgal spent biomass

Production of ethanol from biomass – Recent research, scientometric review and future perspectives

Job satisfaction as a mediator between structural empowerment and intent-to-leave: A study of critical care nurses

Biosorption potential of brown algae, Sargassum polycystum, for the removal of toxic metals, cadmium and zinc

Potential risks and approaches to reduce the toxicity of disinfection by-product – A review

Do Oil Price Shocks Matter for Environmental Degradation? Evidence of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in GCC Countries

Overexpression of Efflux Pumps AcrAB and OqxAB Contributes to Ciprofloxacin Resistance in Clinical Isolates of K. pneumonia

Flash flood inundation assessment for an arid catchment, case study at Wadi Al Jizzi, Oman

QoS-Aware Scheduling Algorithm Enabling Video Services in LTE Networks

The Sustainability of the Tobacco Industry in the Framework of Green Human Resources Management

Ultimate Limit State Reliability-Based Optimization of MSE Wall Considering External Stability

Pesticide pollutants in the environment – A critical review on remediation techniques, mechanism and toxicological impact

Production of hydrogen and value-added carbon materials by catalytic methane decomposition: a review

Reducing the impact of players’ transfer in managing scalable virtual worlds

Waste heat recovery at low temperature from heat pumps, power cycles and integrated systems – Review on system performance and environmental perspectives

Using multivariate adaptive regression splines to develop relationship between rock quality designation and permeability

Customer behaviour towards halal food: a systematic review and agenda for future research

The Effectiveness of Teaching Method Based on the Components of Concept-Rich Instruction Approach in Students Achievement on Linear Algebra Course and Their Attitudes Towards Mathematics

Role of nanomaterials in enhanced ethanol production through biological methods – Review on operating factors and machine learning applications


Creating value via R&D, marketing costs and financial matters

Is Social Capital a Key Factor to enhance Firm’s Performance via Manager’s Intangible Capabilities?

How and When CEO Duality Matter? Case of a Developing Economy

Evaluation of GSMaP and Trmm Monthly Rainfall Satellite Data in Wadi Ahin, Sohar Area, Sultante of Oman

Adding Nano-TiO2 to Water and Paraffin to Enhance Total Efficiency of a Photovoltaic Thermal PV/T System Subjected to Harsh Weathers

Step-By-Step Guide to Model Photovoltaic Panels: An Up-To-Date Comparative Review Study

Impact of Erbium (Er) and Yttrium (Y) doping on BiVO4 crystal structure towards the enhancement of photoelectrochemical water splitting and photocatalytic performance

Enhanced production of biodiesel using nanomaterials: A detailed review on the mechanism and influencing factors

Corporate governance, working capital management, and firm performance: Some new insights from agency theory

An experimental investigation of customer engagement in Indian retail banking

Design and experimental evaluation of a PV/T system cooled by advanced methods

Effect of Temperature on the Electrical and Thermal Behaviour of a Photovoltaic/Thermal System Cooled Using SiC Nanofluid: An Experimental and Comparison Study

Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching Social Studies in the Context of COVID-19 in Oman

Dust impact on photovoltaic/thermal system in harsh weather conditions

Exploring the nexuses of disintegrated energy consumption, structural change, and financial development on environmental sustainability in BRICS: Modulating roles of green innovations and regulatory quality

Polysaccharides to Combat Viruses (COVID-19) and Microbes: New updates

Enhanced remediation of lead (II) and cadmium (II) ions from aqueous media using porous magnetic nanocomposites - A comprehensive review on applications and mechanism

Investigating the impact of full-term experiential learning project on management graduates: an emerging economy perspective

Could the academic advisor, intrinsic motivation, and time management influence students' attitudes towards research work on campus?

Tort Liability for Environmental Pollution

A comprehensive review on membranes in microbial desalination cells; processes, utilization, and challenges

Nanotechnology approach for enhancement in biohydrogen production- review on applications of nanocatalyst and life cycle assessment

Mobile phone usage behavior: A longitudinal study of university students in Oman

Developing a new chance constrained NDEA model to measure performance of sustainable supply chains

The buy-in benchmark in Islamic banking: combined effect of brand role clarity and employee brand commitment towards employee brand equity

Why do academics hide knowledge after coworker ostracism? A moderated mediation model based on relational identification and perceived harming intention

Incongruent influences: joint effects on the job attitudes of employees with psychological contract breach in the MENA region

Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Lightweight and Robust One-Dimensional Convolution Neural Network in the Frequency Domain

In vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Studies of Ethanolic Plant Extracts of P. granatum, O. stamineus, A. bilimbi, M. nigra, and E. longifolia

Green synthesis of titanium dioxide nanoparticles using plant biomass and their applications- A review

Applications of submerged and staged membrane systems for pollutant removal from effluents and mechanism studies – a review

Understanding communication of sustainability reporting: Application of Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT)

Participation of Electric Vehicles in a Delay-Dependent Stability Analysis of LFC Considering Demand Response Control

Assessment of Hydrological Extremes for Arid Catchments: A Case Study in Wadi Al Jizzi, North-West Oman

Challenges and Construction Applications of Solid Waste Management in Middle East Arab Countries

A multi-objective model for closed-loop supply chain network based on carbon tax with two fold uncertainty: An application to leather industry

Does vulnerable employment alleviate poverty in developing countries?

On the criticality of renewable energy to sustainable development: Do green financial development, technological innovation, and economic complexity matter for China?

Life cycle assessment of biodiesel production by using impregnated magnetic biochar derived from waste palm kernel shell

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Remediation of pharmaceutical pollutants using graphene-based materials - A review on operating conditions, mechanism and toxicology

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Symmetric and asymmetric nexus between economic freedom and stock market development in Pakistan

Investigating the environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) hypothesis: does government effectiveness matter? Evidence from 170 countries

Cost efficiency evaluation in sustainable supply chains with marginal surcharge values for harmful environmental factors: a case study in a food industry

Agricultural Irrigation Control using Sensor-enabled Architecture

Organizational support and perceived environment impact on quality of care and job satisfaction: a study with Pakistani nurses

Corn: Its Structure, Polymer, Fiber, Composite, Properties, and Applications

Experimental investigations of open-channel flow and velocity to develop a predictive tool from a laboratory small scale to real-world large scale

Investigating the Mediating Roles of Income Level and Technological Innovation in Africa’s Sustainability Pathways Amidst Energy Transition, Resource Abundance, and Financial Inclusion

Modified Nano-Fe2O3-Paraffin Wax for Efficient Photovoltaic/Thermal System in Severe Weather Conditions

Thermophysical and stability properties of MWCNT-water-ethylene glycol nanofluids: An experimental study

Evaluation of grid-connected photovoltaic system in omani harsh weathers CO2

Emergency transition to remote learning: DoIt@Home Lab in engineering

Multi-Channel Configuration for improving received signal strength in non-line-of-sight environments of indoor visible light communication localization

Tracking the damages of the Shaheen cyclone in the Sultanate of Oman

The Effect of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on the Weldability of Aluminum Alloys with Similar and Dissimilar Metals: Review

Machine Learning to Develop Credit Card Customer Churn Prediction

Performance Comparison and Light Reflectance of Al, Cu, and Fe Metals in Direct Contact Flat Solar Heating Systems

Fabrication of modified carbon nano tubes based composite using ionic liquid for phenol removal

Predicting solar photovoltaic electrical output under variable environmental conditions: Modified semi-empirical correlations for dust

Natural Polysaccharides Alleviate Neurological Disorders: New Updates

A hybrid Robust-Stochastic optimization model for planned outage based Day-Ahead scheduling of a Plug-in electric vehicles parking lot

New generalised cubic–quintic–septic NLSE and its optical solitons

Techniques for remediation of pharmaceutical pollutants using metal organic framework - Review on toxicology, applications, and mechanism

A comparison of dust impacts on polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar photovoltaic performance: an outdoor experimental study

A strategic entrepreneurship framework for an emerging economy: reconciling dynamic capabilities and entrepreneurial orientation

Disentangling the individual entrepreneurial orientation and SMEs success nexus: an action-based interplay of exploration activities and entrepreneurial alertness

Mentor expectations and entrepreneurial venture creation: mediating role of the sense of nothing to lose and entrepreneurial resilience

Marketing mix strategies during and after COVID-19 pandemic and recession: a systematic review

Depressive symptoms faced by non-native international medical students in China during COVID-19

Environmental remediation of selenium using surface modified carbon nano tubes - Characterization, influence of variables, equilibrium and kinetic analysis

Selection of Wind Turbine Systems for the Sultanate of Oman

Strategic Renewable Energy Resource Selection Using a Fuzzy Decision-Making Method

Contract approaches for sustainable community-based access to e-service provision: a comparative study between Bangladesh and the Philippines

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E-Nose Sensor Applications and Challenges in the Health Sector

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Semantic Similarity Based on Association Measurement

Reconstruction of trust and organizational commitment through servant leadership in the postpandemic era: evidence from the IT sector of Pakistan

Beliefs on translation speed among students. A case study

A Comprehensive Study of Digital Image Steganographic Techniques

A New Approach for Improving Microbial Fuel Cell Performance Using Artificial Intelligence


Effect of Various Plasticizers in Different Concentrations on Physical, Thermal, Mechanical, and Structural Properties of Wheat Starch-Based Films

Student's Cynicism toward College Experience: Validation of the Italian Cynical Attitudes toward College Scale

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Environmental Management Accounting and Corporate Performance: the Mediating Role of Corporate Environmental Ethics: Evidence from the Manufacturing Sector

Analysis of communication tower with different heights subjected to wind loads using TIA-222-G and TIA-222-H standards

A fish harvesting model with Allee effect and Holling type II functional response

Gender diversity in the board room and sustainable growth rate: the moderating role of family ownership

Complex network analysis of groundwater level in Sina Basin, Maharashtra, India

Corporate philanthropy and corporate social irresponsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from China

Machine Learning to Predict Cardiovascular Disease: Systematic Meta-Analysis

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Future Directions of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare: A Systematic Analysis and Mapping Study

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Editorial: Artificial intelligence for mental disorder prevention and diagnosis: Technologies and challenges

The creative linguistic achievements of Alkhalil bin Ahmed Al-Farahidi, and motives behind his creations: A case study

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Ranking and grouping of critical success factors for stakeholder management in construction projects

Intelligent Gesture Recognition System for Deaf People by using CNN and IoT

Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Rössler System in Fractional Order

Developing a Cipher Algorithm Based on Chaotic Neural Network

Dust and cleaning impact on the performance of photovoltaic: an outdoor experimental study

Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Fractional Hybrid Differential Equations

Approximate Solutions of Fuzzy Fractional Differential Equations via Homotopy Analysis Method

Quantifying flow and velocity distributions in open channels with varied roughness and slopes: a modelling approach

Football supporterism in Tunisia: facilitating participatory democracy through citizen education

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Morphological Deviations in Arabic Loanwords in Turkish and Their Role in Semantic Ambiguity

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Photovoltaic/thermal systems for carbon dioxide mitigation applications: a review

Assessing the economic and technical efficacy of grid-connected photovoltaic systems through a combination of mathematical and deep learning models with experimental validation: A case study

An Adaptive Two-Factor Authentication Scheme Based on the Usage of Schnorr Signcryption Algorithm

Moderating role of collaborative technologies on the relationship between virtual knowledge sharing and team effectiveness: lessons from COVID-19

“The relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and financial performance: The case of listed industrial companies in Oman”

Multiobjective Optimization of Roll-Forming Procedure Using NSGA-II and Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Network


CNN Framework for Accurate Brain Tumour Segmentation from Enhanced MRI Slices

Self-diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 using ELECTRE and PROMETHEE methods

How to lead responsibly toward enhanced knowledge sharing behavior and performance: implications for human resource management

Insights into the Structural Complexities of SARS-CoV-2 for Therapeutic and Vaccine Development

Power, Narrative, and Magical Realism in Huda amad's Sindrillat MasqatCombining dot below

Bioremediation of turquoise blue by Mangifera indica — particle swarm optimization and kinetic modeling

ChatGPT: A revolutionary tool for teaching and learning mathematics

The arabized and the intruder: A survey of Arabic linguists' efforts

An intelligent and fast system for detection of grape diseases in RGB, grayscale, YCbCr, HSV and L*a*b* color spaces

Efficient Approximate Analytical Methods to Solve Some Partial Differential Equations

A comparative study of multiple-criteria decision-making methods for selecting the best process parameters for friction stir welded Al 6061 alloy

Multi-Attention Bottleneck for Gated Convolutional Encoder-Decoder-Based Speech Enhancement

E-trading and services quality effects on stock exchange in a developing country: A study of Dhaka stock exchange

Knowledge sharing in the era of Covid-19: a bibliometric analysis using scopus and web-of-science (WoS)

Assessing flash flood inundation from an extreme rainfall event: case study: Wadi Al Jizzi Oman

A Solution of the Complex Fuzzy Heat Equation in Terms of Complex Dirichlet Conditions Using a Modified Crank-Nicolson Method

Open innovation and firm performance in emerging economies: a bibliometric and TCCM analysis review


Environmental pollution, innovation, and financial development: an empirical investigation in selected industrialized countries using the panel ARDL approach

India’s entrepreneurial landscape: unpacking the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and business performance

Bacterial Pathogens: Potential Source For Antimicrobial Peptides

Forecasting of lake water level based on a hybrid model of innovative gunner algorithm

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Administrative Obligations for Diplomatic Missions in the Context of International and National Law: Implications and Challenges for Cybercrime

The impact of cyberbullying on student motivation to learn: Insights from Abu Dhabi Emirate schools

A Neural Network-Based Motion Cueing Algorithm Using the Classical Washout Filter for Comprehensive Driving Scenarios

A neighborhood-aware multi-Markovian switching particle swarm optimization technique for solving complex and expensive problems

Advanced techniques for enhancing solar distiller productivity: a review

Psychological contract breach and employee engagement: moderation of role of a high-performance work system

Tracking the roadmaps to sustainability: what do the symmetric effects of eco-digitalization, green technology, green finance, and renewable energy portend for China?

High-performance work systems, psychological empowerment and creative process engagement: A componential theory of creativity perspective

Investigation on the Microbiological Quality and Fatty Acid Methyl Esters Composition of Commercially Available Cold-pressed Nigella sativa L. Oil

Application of the Variational Iteration Method for the time-fractional Kaup-Kupershmidt Equation and the Boussinesq-Burger equation

Robust Financial Inclusion Framework by Examining Literacy Aspects in Oman

An Algorithm for Solving Linear and Non-Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations

Enhancing Blended Learning Quality: Perspectives of Omani University Students During and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

Logical Mathematical Intelligence and its Impact on the Academic Achievement for Pre-Service Math Teachers

Solar photovoltaic/thermal systems applications for electrical vehicle

An efficient spectral minimization of the Dai-Yuan method with application to image reconstruction

Complete False Cognates in Arabic and Turkish Languages

Day-Ahead Scheduling of Multi-Energy Microgrids Based on a Stochastic Multi-Objective Optimization Model

Task Challenge and Employee Performance: A Moderated Mediation Model of Resilience and Digitalization

Implementation of Shared Laser–LED Sources in a Free Space Optics (FSO) Network under Environmental Impact

The Implications of Food Security on Sustainability: Do Trade Facilitation, Population Growth, and Institutional Quality Make or Mar the Target for SSA?

Facial Image Encryption for Secure Face Recognition System

Biotransformation as a tool for remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from polluted environment - review on toxicity and treatment technologies

Exploring the influence of artificial intelligence technology on consumer repurchase intention: The mediation and moderation approach

Bio-fabrication of porous magnetic Chitosan/Fe3O4 nanocomposite using Azolla pinnata for removal of chromium – Parametric effects, surface characterization and kinetics

Tournament incentives and environmental performance: the role of green innovation

Volatility connectedness of GCC stock markets: how global oil price volatility drives volatility spillover in GCC stock markets?

Lignin and polylactic acid for the production of bioplastics and valuable chemicals

Characterization of pellets manufactured from plant waste and farm waste residues blended with distillery sludge as a prospective alternative fuel source

Steganography: A Flexible Embedded Randomization Technique

Small and medium enterprises dynamic capabilities efficacy during COVID-19: moderating role of CEO gender

A New Interactive Gaming Approach for Enhancing Math Learning Among Marginalized Communities

Fake News Detection Regarding COVID-19 Tweets Using Machine Learning Approaches

Utilizing Spatio-temporal Satellite Images and Machine Learning to Examine the Impacts of Changing Land Use and Land Cover on Sohar City

Feasibility study of using various optical filters in conjunction with indoor visible light communication system